The purpose of a Wiki

A Wiki can be many things, one of the more famous is Wikipedia, the free to use, free to edit (within guidelines) and free to reuse Encyclopedia.  My reason for installing MediaWiki software was to make use of the knowledge management and note taking capabilities.  I have a large store of collected knowledge and information that I want to consolidate and hope to do it in a manner that lets me get to the data and hopefully will give others some benefit as well.

These blog posts are going to be more in the way of passing thoughts, some will be very topical, others not so much.  The consolidated data will be in the wiki pages and should keep growing with time as I have something I want to add.  My plan is to transcribe all my notes and collected clippings and web links and add them in so that I can find the information should I need it at a later stage.  Some of the information is of use only to researchers and historians as it will relate to things from a bygone era that does not mesh neatly with the modern high speed world.

I selected MediaWiki as my wiki engine even though it was not available as a single click install on my web hosting service.  I actually had to download the file using linux commands to fetch the compresses arcchive file, unpack it, move it into the correct place nad fiddle with a couple of permission bits.  Using the cPanel console on the selected domain I then created the required (shared with a prefix) MySQL database and user so that the MediaWiki configuration script could to the resto of the work.  All told it took an hour or two including the reading and pondering and anguishing about having pretty URLs when done.  Using a shared hosting service is very convenient but has a couple of minor limitations when it comes to setting wanting control of the global httpd.conf file for the Apache web server.

All the above to explain that there was a burden for me in selecting the particular engine, the reason that I chose it was that Wikipedia uses the same (slightly modified) engine and as a small time editor on Wikipedia I was familiar with the basic editing techniques.  I will still have to study the permissions, moderation and other advanced features.


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