Laser controllers

The software is made for a MoshiLaser controller board but my board looks like nothing they have advertised on their web site or that I have seen pictured on the web.  It has 4 H-Bridge ICs (PBL3717A) to drive the 2 steppers and while my laser has the home switches on a separate connector there are holes on the PCB to fit a flex cable socket that is used in some lasers to connect to the limits and X-motor with one flat cable.  The processor part number is ground off but it is a pretty simple micro controller circuit with a bit of external buffer RAM.

From looking at pictures my small laser looks identical to DW40 mini laser engraver on the Jinan Dwin Technology website except it is black where the pictured unit is white.  The bigger laser is very similar to the DW400 unit but without the LCD controller screen and it has an orange paint job.

The larger unit has a more interesting controller, it is surface mount, all the part numbers are missing and it also has no mention on manufacturer on the PCB and sports a V8.1 in one corner.  It has silkscreen legends for DAC-out next to unpopulated PCB so could perhaps be a more upmarket controller family.  It has holes for a 20 way header that might connect to an LCD user interface.  It has holes for a D9 connector that could support a serial host port.  Already soldered on the board is the connector for the pretty common flex cable that merges the connections for the home switches and the X motor though not used on my laser.  It sports 3 out of 5 opto isolators but not sure if more than one is used for laser enable on my setup.  I have not powered the board up yet as the PSU with the missing laser tube had the fuse pulled so will test it before I apply mains when connected to the controller.  However the most interesting find on the controller board was the presence of a SD-card socket on the underside, further the find of an actual (128M Kingston) SD-card in the socket (with lock selector enabled).  I dutifully tried to read it on my regular card reader and it shows up as a totally empty FAT (16 probably) file system.  I will see if there is secret data hidden in raw format on unallocated sectors for fun one day but it is pretty interesting.  It uses dual H-bridge driver ICs in the MultiWatt-15 style with tidy heat-sinks.  The pin-outs correspond pretty well to an L298 with different current sense resistor values for the X and Y drivers and a full complement of 16 protection diodes.  There are a full 16 ICs (including the drivers) and all others are SMD (one is in a THP J-lead socket).  Pads for 3 more SMD and one 8 pin THP ICs are around the DAC-out area.

There are also 5 jumpers on the board with nothing other than a number next to them to hint at function.

If anyone knows more of this board I would be happy to find out details, just for fun.  Again it is not the same as any controllers currently offered on the MoshiLaser site but is supposed to be compatible with the software.

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