LaOS controller, Ahoy!

The Laos kit arrived in good order from The Netherlands.

It took about 2 hours to assemble the bulk of the components. I still need to decide on what I want to do with the connectors, use ones that fit the laser wires or the new connectors in the bag that came with the kit. Some changes will need to be made as the LaOS will support power  control.  Im not sure if my laser can support high speed power control but as most engraving is done with one power level at a time and just on-off control it will be hooked up like the factory controller.

The assembly guide is pretty well done and was easy to follow, no big suprises.  It makes sence to read through it fisrst and determine what options you have planned so you know what parts to leave out if you are not planning to use them.  I put in pretty much everything that will not cause conflict but a bit can be eliminated with fore-thought.

The display board is a simple one with one twist, the switches and the LCD go on the solder side of the board and the holes  are tight so don’t jump in and solder until you have checked the assembly guide online.  Put off soldering the LCD module until you have decided on your mounting arrangement, it is likely you will want to mount it close to the PCB if it is behind a clear panel or a bit proud if mounted in a panel cutout.

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