Generation 7 (not the series)

Last week my pair of Generation 7 ver 1.4 PCBs for my RepStrap project arrived from Germany. They are isolation milled by Markus ‘traumflug’ Hitter on a wooden WolfStrap (or similar) using a “cheap V-bit for some 2  Euros” that leaves a amazing quality cut.  The edges of the copper are so smooth under good magnification that it was hard to tell that the board was not etched except for the fact that the cut was deeper than the copper thickness.  Rigid mounting was cited as one of the reasons for the good cut quality.

I dug out parts from my parts boxes and most of the bits were in stock.  I had to buy low profile crystals and the MOSFETs and still need to determine the connectors I will be using.

I hope my LaOS laser brain transplant (just received the new brain) goes well so it will assist with the building of the RepStrap.  I expect a bit of a DIY build made from surplus parts for my first.

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