A brave start

This is my first ever blog post.

A bit of a weak opening because it is not for lack of skill or ability that I have not posted on a blog before now, I host many sites and have managed a small ISP in the early days of dial-up Internet connectivity in South Africa, I mean, my personal domain registration predates 1995 when Uniforum became the .co.za registrar.  Nope, I have deliberately left off blogging because I did not want to be  embroiled in a thing that would have limited value to me except to attempt unneeded socialisation.  Having taken part in a number of discussion lists and even monitoring a few Yahoo groups I have not needed to spread out.  I got my fill of online chat in the BBS days before the Internet arrived and realised early on that I am comfortable with my own company and can do my own research when I need it.  After a break of 25 years I connected to a IRC server this week to ask a question that would not have an answer on a web page or a book but got the expert advice in a minute on a niche membership channel.  I have managed to avoid Facebook and let my wife like the occasional post my overseas friends make for the moment.

Now I have decided to document some of the knowledge and research I have done over the years and possibly highlight a build or two that I do with my son while I enjoy the joys of computer interfacing and motion control. We plan to get a RepStrap on the go.  Since we are in Johannesburg in South Africa things are a bit different from the first world economies.  Prices of local techno goods are typically higher, shipping to here is often more, local duties and VAT can make the import even less appealing  at times. In general there is less of a DIY market for techno hobbies here because the weather is so great and most people prefer to spend time outdoors instead of sweating over a hot soldering iron or hunched in front of a flickering CRT.

Leave a comment if you like (or can, not sure yet of all these blog settings) and I may respond, leave it on the post or delete it outright, I have not decided yet how I will handle that, I suppose nice comments might as well stay.

Thank you for reading and perhaps you will return later and I can share some more with you.


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