An idle pulley

Well, not even an idler pulley, but an idle moment to reflect on some of the new jargon that 3D printing will add to our language.

An anagram for RepRap is “rapper“, perhaps they can be used to print out bling one day

Darwin is “rad Win” though linux is often used.

Mendel can be “LED men” though gamers are more fond of pimping their boxes.

With the advent of Prusa Mendel we now get the “resumed plan” to make things easier.

RepStrap folds to “star prep” for printing in zero gravity, already tried on the vomit comet.

Filament extruder hides some advice when “unflexed, trim later

P.S. The longest words in english that have no duplicate letters are “dermatoglyphics” and “uncopyrightable“. Now how neat is that, one is the study of fingerprints and the other says they are in the public domain.

Thats all for now, plot on.

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